Why I Never Stop Writing Diary?

Why I Never Stop Writing Diary?

List of things to write in diary. Diary Writing is best activity to do.

A writer is a person who can keenly observe the things around him and tried to perceive the things differently, he passed his own coments regarding problems and give solutions, to be a writer you should be a diary writer, I consider it the first step. I start diary writing when I was in class 7th when ever I open it the pages of my childhood turned one by one before me and give me a happiness of relief, it has captured my life events the days of my sadness and the days of my happiness. There is a collection of autographs in my diary, of my teachers who taught me from class 4th, I read their motivational quotes that I can't understand at tht time, may be I was not old enough to understand that. Then I turend forward, next pages where I write about my best friends, their autographs, and the funny things we did together, if I don't have writen those moments I think I would have missed the little and many events of my life. Diary keeps you alive. It captures the stages of your life, how you developed, who entered into your life who left you, who had given you the lessons, actullay lesson is an important element. The diary keep the timetable of your life. It make me motivated when ever I open it, I can analyze the changing thinking pattern of my life thats why I never stop writing diary. Many people wonder what they should write, I will help them by giving a list of things to write.

Things you can write in your diary:

1- You can take autographs.

2- You can make your daily schudule in your diary.

3- You can note the list of important things you have to do in coming days.

4- You can wite about your friends.

5- You can write the things that make you cry it will be a good catharsis, to remove the pant-up feelings.

6- You can write your wishes, goals and ambitions.

7- You can write the motivational quotes.

8- You can write about your mistakes that you do daily. It will be a fun for you when you open that page after 5 years.

9- You can write about your family.

10- You can keep your passwords save their, I always write all the paswards of my social accounts.