My Journey IN Akhuwat College For Women Chakwal.

What is meant to be an AKHUWATEER?

My Journey IN Akhuwat College For Women Chakwal.

I am doing BS English at Akhuwat College for Women Chakwal, belog to Gilgit Baltistan. My journey in Akhuwat Started in 2019, hoping that it willl never end, this journey particularly it can be called as an expedition of >love> >brotherhood> >faith> >morale> >sympathy> and >self-esteem>. In 2013 a book was written By Dr Amjad Saqib titled as Akhuwat Ka Safar similarly every member can write his own story of transformation by entering into this virtuous cycle of Akhuwat.

what the institution has given to me:

This institution has distinguished me by giving me an empowered position, making my goals and ambitions more enthusiastic. They prepared us for a rapidly changing world firstly by giving us discipline, values and skills. Providing physical, mentle, moral education and training through mentorig sessions, psychology sessions and entrepreneurship programs. Arranging many co-curricular activities such as sports Gala, Stage and Drama performance, speech and debate competition, cooking competition, art and craft competition. Preparing us to be leaders to lead the nation by offering us courses like Leader In Me. Provided us with luxurious college and hostle with best mess system and the tasty food that we enjoy.

What is my reflection:

the above is all about what Akhuwat is doing for us, the question arises here what we are doing for our country, community, and area. Our country truly needs the awareness about how to convert themselves from takers to givers, that is the mission of AKHUWAT. This will be my mission to execute. I aim to hioglight my goals that I want to become an educationist, education is the only tool to build the better institutions, better education means better institutions and better institutions mean better nation.


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