My Day When I Start With Yoga

How to do an effective yoga You will feel change in life with yoga

My Day When I Start With Yoga

Befor Yoga

I remember the time when I start yoga, I was a lazy fellow, delaying work it was the year 2019, have extra fats, I feel exhausted when I have burden of work to do, was an emotionally weak guy, less ambitious, remain confused whole the day. Have extra level of tension, take an immediate stress over little things, shout on things, never enjoy the beauty of nature. Always remain in the working load inshort I dont have time for my own self. I have sleep issues.

After Yoga

I find a change in my self, I was really surprised how the things went differently, even my physical looks get changed, I feel light, fresh, it brings me near to the nature, find enough fresh air to breath in.Did tasks differently, try to bring a change in my monotonous life, my reactions toward people changed. This all happened because yogo effects you internally, it decreases your stress level, balance your harmones of happiness, anger, expectations, tension and harmones that trigger your emotions. Before yoga I get tired after walking few meters but after two years of continous yoga now I can walk through out the day but can't get tired. Yoga make me get early into the bed.

How to do Yoga

1- You should have a yoga mate, neat and clean so that you cant intake dust.

2- You should inhale and exhale breath with every step.

3- Before yoga warm-up your body with slow jogging and by the end cool down your body by deep breathing.

4- You should keep your body straight while yoga un necessary bends may cause cramps in body.

5- Keep your eyes close while cooling your body and during deep breathing.

6- Move in an order first start from legs , then belly and then arms this will not put you in pain.

Benifits of Yoga

1- Make you emotionally stronge.

2- Balance harmonal system.

3- Remove face wrinkles, extra fats.

4- Make your muscle stronge.

5- Make you healtheir.